By the guiding of his father God, Allah; the great God of the universe. To redeem man from his sinful and fallen stage of humanity back to the highest plane of life with his father God, Allah.

The Moorish Science Temple of America

The Moorish Science Temple of America ( A Religious Corporation) which was founded by the Divine Prophet Noble Drew Ali in 1913 A.D., has consistently promoted plans for the betterment of mankind. In our missionary work we urge those who know that their spiritual, social, intellectual and economic condition can be better to join the M.S.T.of A. We are Moslems who have proclaimed our Nationality as Moorish American and adhere to the Divine and National Principles (Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom & Justice) of our Forefathers in order to meet the Constitutional Standards of Law of the United States of America, to become citizens of the U.S.A. and have political status in our government.

As followers of a Divine Prophet we have effectively interacted with individual, groups and organizations that have shown their respect for our Prophet and the Divine and National Principles of our temples. In connection with our religious aims and beliefs, we have always promoted economic security. We are firmly committed to our organizational Plan (The Divine Plan of the Ages) which assures us Unity, Spiritual Fulfillment, Truthful Education of our Posterity and Economic Power.

This is why we advocate that the Moorish Science Temple of America is the only national organization amongst our people that can solve our problems. We teach that our people are Asiatics because according to all True and Divine Records of the Human Race there is no Negro, Black, African-American or Colored Race attached to the Human Family and we consider it to be a sin and unconstitutional for our people to cling to names and principles that delude to slavery. We have a Public Affairs Office that can arrange for lectures and literature for those who desire to know more about the Moorish Science Temple of America.

The Voice of the Prophet

If you have race pride and love your race, join the Moorish Science Temple of America and become a part of this Divine Movement. Then you will have power to redeem your race because you will know who you are and your forefathers were. Because where there is unity, there is strength. "Together we stand, divided we fall."

Come, good people, because I, the Prophet, sent to redeem this nation from mental slavery, which you have now, need every one of you who think your condition can be better. This is a field held open to strong men and women to uplift the nation and take your place in the affairs of men.

If the Europeans and other nations are helping me, why not you? It is your problem. The Negro problem is being solved only as it can, and that is by the Moorish Divine Movement. If you have a nation you must have a free national name in order to be recognized by this nation as an American citizen. This is what was meant when it was said, "Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all these things would be added unto you."